About IHR

IHR is a Management Services Organization (MSO) with almost 30 years of successful experience in providing administrative and management services in the healthcare field.  IHR is dedicated exclusively to healthcare management.

IHR manages and negotiates HMO, PPO, ACO, Medicare, Commercial and Risk Contracts. The mission of IHR is to provide a vehicle by which medical groups, ACO’s and PHO’s can achieve economies of scale, bargaining power, virtual integration and equity ownership in a seamless healthcare delivery system.

This partnership is committed to maintaining and supporting the independence of physicians and the provision of quality health care by the incorporation of innovative on-line and wireless technologies in telemedicine, information systems and centralized services management.

Our success is your success…

The success of IHR is attributed to our ability to closely work together with all our contracted payors/providers and implement all needed services for an economical delivery system.  We are a one-stop shop for Physician Groups, ACO’s, IPA’s and PHO’s.  IHR is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and quality healthcare management services.  Let IHR assist your healthcare organization navigate the everchanging tides in our medical professions, not just for today, but well into the future.  Together, our success will become your success!


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