Why choose IHR?

Independent Health Resources, Inc. (IHR) offers superior management services with a background of proven experience in the development and management of risk contracting organizations including IPA’s, Physician Groups, ACO’s and PHO’s.  Simply stated, IHR serves as a management partner providing “A to Z” managed  care services all at one location.  All IHR administrative personnel have extensive managed care backgrounds eliminating the need for outside, costly, hourly consultants.

IHR distinguishes itself from other MSO’s with three critically important characteristics:


IHR focuses on providing full management services to physician organizations and medical groups to establish themselves as qualified entities; to meet all functions and services required by managed care organizations (HMO’s, PPO’s, etc.).  We understand the business dynamics of healthcare and work to address the cost, needed service and administrative needs of your practices.


IHR has a long history of managing medical groups with and expansive service area.  Our Provider Relations and Network Development staff is familiar with myriad physicians, hospital networks, teritiary facilities and ancillary providers throughout Chicago proper and it’s surrounding collar counties.


In accordance with Illinois Department of Insurance standards, IHR is registered as a Utilization Review Organization.  All clients, medical groups, and risk contracted organizations managed by IHR, are covered entities.